Kent State University/IFA Paris continue their runway partnership, Jeremy Scott crowns Supima winner

In the dynamic world of fashion education and industry collaboration. Kent State University and IFA Paris have emerged as trailblazers in nurturing the talents of aspiring designers and fashion enthusiasts. With a shared commitment to fostering creativity and innovation in the fashion realm. These institutions have maintained a fruitful partnership that continues to make waves in the fashion world. In a recent milestone event, renowned designer Jeremy Scott added a touch of glamour to the partnership by crowning the Supima Design Competition winner. Let’s dive into the fascinating details of this enduring partnership and the exciting Supima Design Competition.

Kent State University and IFA Paris: A Collaborative Legacy

Kent State University, located in Ohio, and IFA Paris, based in the heart of the fashion capital, have cemented their reputations as global leaders in fashion education. Their partnership, which began several years ago, has created a unique bridge between American and European fashion traditions, fostering cross-cultural exchanges and creative synergies.

Students from both institutions have benefitted from this collaboration through exchange programs, internships,and joint projects that have enriched their fashion education. This partnership has also allowed students to experience the fashion industry from different global perspectives, equipping them with a broader understanding of the evolving fashion landscape.

Supima Design Competition: A Platform for Emerging Talent

The Supima Design Competition is an annual showcase of emerging talent in the world of fashion design. Supima, the renowned American Pima cotton organization, sponsors this event to highlight the versatility and luxury of Pima cotton through the creations of young designers.

This year, the collaboration between Kent State University and IFA Paris took center stage at the Supima Design Competition. Kent State’s students have consistently been recognized for their innovative use of Pima cotton. While IFA Paris has brought a European flair to the competition. The synergy between these two institutions has consistently impressed judges and industry professionals alike.

Jeremy Scott: The Guest of Honor

Jeremy Scott, the visionary designer known for his bold. Unconventional creations, graced the Supima Design Competition as the guest of honor. His presence added an extra layer of excitement and prestige to the event.

As the finalists showcased their stunning Pima cotton collections, Jeremy Scott offered valuable insights and feedback. Ultimately, he crowned the Supima Design Competition winner. Showcasing the bright future of fashion and recognizing the next generation of design talent.


The continued partnership between Kent State University and IFA Paris has not only enriched the educational experiences of their students. But has also played a pivotal role in shaping the future of fashion design. The Supima Design Competition, with the support of renowned designer Jeremy Scott, serves as a testament to the enduring success of this collaboration.

As these institutions maintain their commitment to nurturing emerging talent and fostering cross-cultural exchanges. The fashion world can eagerly anticipate the innovative creations that will emerge from the dynamic synergy between American and European fashion traditions. Kent State University and IFA Paris, along with the Supima Design Competition, remain at the forefront of fashion education. Industry collaboration, showcasing the limitless possibilities that lie ahead for the world of fashion.

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